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Residents at Casa Rosa enjoy the benefits of assisted living without sacrificing many of the benefits of independent living. Our concern is to provide a satisfying and wholesome lifestyle while respecting the independence, privacy, and dignity of our residents. The environment promotes an active, social, and vibrant life that will allow residents to be content and in good health. Assistance is completed by our staff in all aspects of the residents’ lives in areas such as daily hygiene, eating, dressing, bathing, grooming, medication management, and health management. Our on-site hairdresser keeps fashion hip and chic, and this demonstrates how the little things provided at Casa Rosa go a long way to instill feelings of genuine happiness in the lives of our residents.


The safety of our residents is a primary responsibility at Casa Rosa, and proper measures are taken to insure that the quality of life remains safe and secure while the privacy of our residents remains 

respected. Two safeguard systems require residents to wear unobtrusive devices about their person. The wireless nurses call system allows a resident in distress to activate an alarm that must be reset from the resident. All calls are directed to the central computer to notify the nursing staff who are available for twenty-four hour care. The perimeter wandering management system employs radio frequency technologies to physically monitor a resident’s location at all times. Facility doors and property exits are monitored electronically so that a wandering resident will trigger alarms that alert the staff.

Also, a facility-wide intercom and sound system allows the staff to relay emergency messages, or other necessary information, to all residents at a moment’s notice. There is a sixteen-camera system to monitor all open, public places, and the facility itself is secured with features such as protected balconies and the gated, inner courtyard. The second floor is serviced by a full-sized elevator, and the facility has complete handicapped access.


Casa Rosa is open for public visitation between the hours of 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. Although, friends and family are always welcome at reasonable hours—an advance notice is appreciated. All major holidays, resident birthdays, and other planned community events are hosted throughout the year and are open for guest attendance. Casa Rosa encourages friends and family to visit with residents at their respected discretion and ability. Guest parking is offered on facility grounds. Please see the contact page for directions.


Transportation is available for all residents to enable full access to medical and recreational services. A fully-insured, handicap accessible, Mercedes Sprinter van, driven by competent and qualified staff, is on site to accommodate resident appointments. Residents, with the Casa Rosa staff, schedule appropriate times for outside appointments in order to maximize the quality of life during residency.